To: "Willens, Barbara J." < >
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 15:10:04 -0700
Subject: Markson


Attn: Barbara Willens,

I have the pleasure in writing this letter to you in strict Confidence and I know that my letter will come to you as a great Surprise, since we have never met before. The late Mr. Alexander Willens, used to be my client here in South Africa, Until his untimely death in the year 2000, in a ghastly motor Accident, which claimed his life along with that of his wife and only Son, who were his co-occupants in the illfate automobile, with which he was travelling on that fateful day. I am a Lawyer and I reside and and practice in the Republic of South Africa, [RSA].

For the past two years, I have done everything humanly possible to locate anybody of Alex's descent, that could still be alive to date, for the purpose of turning over to such person the wealth that Alex left behind, but it has been abortive and without success. The magnitude of efforts that I have made in the above direction without success has now left me in doubt that Alex's family tree must have permanently gone extinct unfortunately.

In the light of the foregoing, I am now faced with a new challenge and moral question of whether to allow the financial institutions where Alex had his monies to misappropriate it to themselves, because Alex has no survivor, or next of kin, or to demand for and collect these monies from these financial institutions in my capacity as Alex's Attorney, a fact that is well known to the financial institutions in question.I am convinced that in the absence of any next of kin/survivor, I, his Attorney is the closest person to Alex alive, haven worked with him in all his business projects in my professional capacity.

Haven thus made up my mind, I am contacting you to solicit your cooperation in that regard, because you have the same last/surname with Alex. A combination of the facts that I was his Attorney and the fact that you have the same family name with him will make my using you as his next of kin, to recover all the wealth he left behind very simply.

My primary interest now is the sum of Twenty one Millioins US Dollar[US$21,000,000.00], with interests accruing, which he left in a savings and loans mortgage institution in Johannesburg, South Africa, the deposit certificate of which I have in my possession. My idea here is that the two of us will share this US$21.0m, in an agreed ratio, when it is paid to you, because we need each other to make this happen.

I have all the necessary legal documents that will be used to back up any claim we choose to make to his money and no questions, or suspicions will be raised anywhere, since I was his real Attorney, untill his death.I have earlier put this Mortgage institution where this money is, [which is located and situated in Johannesburg South Africa], on notice, that soon I will be assisting my client's next on kin in claiming and withdrawing that money. In respond the mortgage institution agreed, but ask me to do so very quickly, or have the account frozen and the fund forfeited.

Therefore, I earnestly solicit your honest/very sincere cooperation, in this matter.I guarantee that this will be executed under a legitimate arrangement, that will not involve any breach of the law. To that extent also guarantee that you will not be at any danger/risk of any breach of international/local law and will therefore not have any problem now, or ever, as a result of this transaction.

I look forward to receiving your urgent reply to this offer, by below satellite phone, fax, or above e-mail address, soonest.

Best regards,